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Контактная информация

Образование: Высшее
Готовность к командировкам: Готов
Возраст: 44
Вид занятости: Не указано
О себе

Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate, Graphic Design, Web Design, Internet Marketing, UX, Content Management (Strategy), CSS, HTML, English Language Hi, my name is Michael Pashkov.
I’m a web designer with a strong marketing background, based in the beautiful town of Russia, in the Moscow.
I have several muses: typography, world around us, music, books and humor.

If you’d like to talk about your next project, you can always DM me. I am excited to share with you my knowledge, experience & expertise.

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Опыт работы

Freelance Web Designer 2016 - настоящее время
Должность: Web Designer / Marketing specialist
Обязанности: • Content management / creation • Creating banners ad • Search engine optimization (semantics, micro formats, schema) • Improving UX • Critique a Website (design, navigation, usability, markup, structure, loading speed, semantics, adaptation for mobile devices, information architecture, company description / about company) • Creating Personas • Information architecture Improving • Improving company representation in the internet (strategy, positioning, legend, company description, local media outreach) • Creating / Improving a company's tone, voice and message (on the website) • Competitors analysis (sites, positioning, services, opportunities)